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Annotation Project at Baruch College

I served as facilitator and consultant for The Annotation Project at Baruch College, an ongoing program which utilizes digital annotation tools in undergraduate literature courses to enable students to collaboratively…

Mellon Interdisciplinary Science Studies Public Humanities Video Project

During my first year as a Mellon Interdisciplinary Science Studies Fellow, I developed and carried out a video project that interviewed professors and students about their interest in science studies,…

Pushing the joy of FOSS at the university

Could a free software movement within higher education enlarge freedom for software culture and the global student body alike? Here I suggest one possible path and make a plea for support.

Knowledge Productionz

“Knowledge Productionz” was created on the day of the 355th mass shooting in America of 2015, and was made possible through the skills and encouragement obtained at a Code Liberation game design workshop hosted the night before.

Lost and Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative

I worked with Lost and Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative to help imagine ways they might use and develop digital tools for archive research, editorial communication, publishing management, and…


On encouragement and the digital humanities

“Instruction does much, but encouragement does everything.” These words were written by Goethe, but I know them from the email signature of my colleague Evan Misshula, a data…

Islamic History Commons

  I work as a project manager and community coordinator the Islamic History Commons (IHC), a networked space for scholars to connect with one another and share their work….

Middle East Medievalists

I worked as a project manager with Middle East Medievalists President Matthew S. Gordon and Secretary Antoine Borrut to create a digital space for the Middle East Medievalists and their…

Website development

I’ve built numerous websites and mockups for scholars, academic departments, and organizations. Often these projects require not only web skills, but a sensitive understanding of an organization’s structure,…