I’ve built numerous websites and mockups for scholars, academic departments, and organizations. Often these projects require not only web skills, but a sensitive understanding of an organization’s structure, communication needs and interaction with the public. These sites include:


 Office of the Provost website redesign



This project aims to update the Office of the Provost webpage by reorganizing its information architecture, improving its usability for students, faculty and staff, and adding more visual components.



Graduate Center President Chase Robinson’s professional webpage (link)





Graduate Center Fellowships and Funding Website (link)


fellowshiptsI worked closely with Provost Louise Lennihan to develop The CUNY Academic Commons Fellowship and Funding website with the purpose of offering current, incoming and potential students clear information about funding opportunities and student experience at the Graduate Center at CUNY. The project involved collaboration with executive officers across the Graduate Center’s different academic departments, as well as photographers, videographers and


Great Works program at Baruch College


great works




Mellon Interdisciplinary Science Studies (link)