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UCSD Race and Oral History Project

UC San Diego’s Race and Oral History Project gives students a central role in documenting the histories of the diverse communities that make up our city.


To what extent can the general public participate in and benefit from the production of a dissertation? How might the private and anxiety-ridden processes of education be transformed into a public good and social joy?

Social Paper

In an age when “sharing” is as easy as pushing a button, student papers are still largely written for the audience of a single professor. By denying students…

A Savings Bank For Process: The Application of Emerson’s ‘Literary System’

As part of my ongoing praxis-oriented research in writing technologies, I used Etherpad, an online word-processing platform, to record the entire process of writing a paper on Ralph…

Mellon Interdisciplinary Science Studies Public Humanities Video Project

During my first year as a Mellon Interdisciplinary Science Studies Fellow, I developed and carried out a video project that interviewed professors and students about their interest in science studies,…

Lost and Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative

I worked with Lost and Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative to help imagine ways they might use and develop digital tools for archive research, editorial communication, publishing management, and…

Islamic History Commons

  I work as a project manager and community coordinator the Islamic History Commons (IHC), a networked space for scholars to connect with one another and share their work….

Middle East Medievalists

I worked as a project manager with Middle East Medievalists President Matthew S. Gordon and Secretary Antoine Borrut to create a digital space for the Middle East Medievalists and their…