My research interests include the history and politics of technology in the university, the history of writing instruction, critical pedagogy, digital humanities, and media studies. I am currently finishing my dissertation in English and Interactive Technology and Pedagogy at the The CUNY Graduate Center with Matthew K. Gold, Ira Shor, and Cathy Davidson. My dissertation examines student writing as a site of struggle where political and technical consciousness is forged. In this dissertation I argue for the making of a convivial global student public where the solitary, competitive labor of learning might be transformed into the creative development of an inclusive, participatory, democratic, transnational, student-directed commons. In conjunction to my research, I am co-founder and student director of Social Paper, which puts into practice the theoretical aspects of my dissertation. To read a short argument on the necessity of a global student public, please visit my paper on Social Paper here. For a longer overview, please see my article “Social Paper: Retooling Student Consciousness” published in the journal Scholarly Research & Communication.