CUNY GC 2020 Steering Committee

with Cathy Davidson, Matthew K. Gold, Lev Manovich, Steve Brier, Don Robothom, Paul Attewell, Micki Kaufman, Louis Lennihan and Robert Campbell.


CUNY GC Operations/Building Committee

Planning out a $4.8 million construction of a digital lab

CUNY GC digital studies MA committee member

Developing a humanities-centered data visualization MA program that works closely with local cultural institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art and The New York Public Library.

CUNY GC data visualization MS committee member

Working closely with computer science professor Scott Dexter and criminal justice Ph.D. student Evan Misshula to incorporate free software and social justice mandates within the curriculum.


IT Advisory Committee member

Student representative on issues pertaining to technical infrastructure at the GC.