Screen-Shot-2015-12-09-at-2.27.45-PM-1024x491As part of my ongoing praxis-oriented research in writing technologies, I used Etherpad, an online word-processing platform, to record the entire process of writing a paper on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s extensive note-taking system. Interested readers can visit this Etherpad document to view a time-lapse playback of the paper’s creation in which different colors signify different writing sessions. In this paper, “A Savings Bank For Process: The Application of Emerson’s ‘Literary System'” For Student Writing”  I argue that process, not merely publicity, must guide the design of our digital writing tools and examine how the culture of secrecy surrounding the academic writing process inhibits the development of digital writing tools that allow for private and public forms of ongoing reflection. I welcome any comments or ideas on the draft on the Social Paper platform here.